This Independent Leonbergerdatabase is the effort of many collectors through out the world.

Because this  database is being worked on by many, you will not find one  particular person responsible. Initially different Database programs were used to collect Data, not compatible with each other, that data was converted for use in the Breedmate Program and all collectors for the Independent Leonberger Database now use Breedmate and can exchange and share data, thereby insuring the continuance. The reason for this approach is to avoid an inactive database,  If one stops, someone else can take over. This also applies for the online database because it is an open source one, the scripts are shared.

There is a Central point where the data is collected and emails are received < /br>
We have decided not to use any special characters, accents or “foreign” letters.

This is done to avoid confusion and mistakes because different countries have different settings of keyboards and different interpretations of spelling

Dogs  without a kennelname as affix or prefix have their original registration number of their country of birth, attached to their name to distinguish them from dogs with exactly the same name.

You can link to your dog's pedigree by copying and pasting the URL of the pedigree page onto your website

We have attempted to maintain the integrity of the submitted information by using original documentation and official registries when available. Naturally in a project of this magnitude, errors and unintentional inaccuracies may occur. If you find incorrect data, we apologise and ask you to please email us the correct data using the the form  or email us.

Because some countries do not have open studbooks,  (only) owners or breeders can submit data of a dog or litter using the form or email

Photo’s of adult dogs are appreciated ,preferably no larger than 300x300 pixels or 60kb.

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