Data collecting

Basic dog information

  • We purchased several studbooks , most importantly the entire German studbook, including the Zusammenfassung 1918-1967!
    In the introduction even a pedigree was shown of Friwo v. Oberhausen going back to ancestors 4 generations, so born much earlier than 1918.
  • The file with the data from, generally known as Arthur Mullers database, was then verified with the original German studbook and old studbooks from France and the Netherlands;
    Corrections were made and additional data found.
  • Ca. 97% of the pedigree data published in the Worldwide Independent database derives from online kennelclub stud books and Leonberger club studbooks. See summary country
  • Dutch,Belgium,American,Canadian,German,Moravian,British, Leonberger clubs who regularly send us updates of their studbooks.
  • Online databases from Swedish, Finnish, British, Czech,Austrian, Danish,Estonian, Italian & American (kennel) clubs.
  • Breeders or their websites inform me of their litters and we go to great lengths to verify as accurate.
  • Studbook data is collected by co-workers from several countries.

Health results


  • Kennel clubs, online databases, including the American OFA site.
  • Owners/breeders send us copies of health results.
  • We exchange the LPN&LEMP results sent to us with the I.L.U.
  • Publications by the Leonberger clubs, website or magazine.

Not published

Dates of death , illnesses and cause of death and other notes are collected as well but NOT published in the leonberger-database.
Because publishing diseases and reasons of death can give the false assumption that some lines are unhealthier than others because it is based on what owners and breeders have been willing to provide.
For further explanation go to Our Policy.


Naturally in a project of this magnitude, errors and unintentional inaccuracies may occur.

To keep them to a minimum:

  • The Breedmate program we used, provides several built-in possibilities to check for errors.
  • We communicate with several people from different countries who have private databases, they compare data and we send each other corrections.
  • If you find incorrect or missing data, we apologise and ask you to please email us the correct data to
    It is extremely important that owners and breeders keep us informed of any errors they detect!
  • We have attempted to maintain the integrity of the submitted information by using original documentation and official registries when available.


  • This Worldwide Independent Leonberger Database has and is being used by the research teams to explore pedigrees.
    Researchers can request special reports or information tabulated from the database.
    Please outline the research you are doing and what special information you may need.
  • Updates are made regularly, usually weekly.
  • Improving and modernizing the database is an ongoing process.
  • On request, any breeder or club can ask for a complete overview of the leonbergers from their countries, including their ancestors, which they receive in a csv file.
  • We provide, on request, a trial pedigree (family Tree) of a planned combination with a calculation of what the coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) would be. Of course it remains confidential and is not stored in the database!
  • Photo's of adult dogs are appreciated, preferably not to big.

Summary country

AustriaAustrian club Studbook
BelgiumBelgium Kennelclub studbook
CanadaCKC Studbook (via Canadian club)
Czech RepublicCzech club database and Moravian Club
DenmarkDanish kennelclub database
EstoniaEstonian kennelclub database
FinlandFinnish kennelclub database
FranceFrench kennelclub Studbook
GermanyGerman Club Studbook
Great BritainUK Studbook
HungaryBreeders (website LEOE)
ItalyKennelclub database
NetherlandsDutch kennelclub database
New ZealandNew Zealand club
Norwaykennelclub database
Slovak Rep.Slovak club (website)
SpainSpanish Club (website)
SwedenSwedish kennelclub database
SwitzerlandSwiss club Studbook (via Swiss club)
USAAKC Studbook and Leonberger club America

At this moment 97,5% of all the pedigree data in this database is verified by studbooks.

End of report.