Our Policy

We have decided not to use any special characters, accents or "foreign" letters.This is done to avoid confusion and mistakes because different countries have different settings of keyboards and different interpretations of spelling.

Dogs without a kennelname as affix or prefix have their original registration number of their country of birth attached to their name to distinguish them from dogs with exactly the same name.

Dates of death , illnesses and cause of death and other notes are collected as well but NOT published in the Independent database.
As breeders we really do and fully understand the need for information about health issues in the lines and as Database manager keep balancing the pro’s and cons of more publication online, for all the reasons below we have decided that the Independent database only publishes recognized health tests.

  • We are reluctant to publish death dates because first of all of the large majority we have none.
  • Secondly owners and specifically breeders seem to be prepared to let us know when dogs die at an old age, but not so much when they have died young. This gives a skewed view .
  • Without a proper autopsy one cannot be certain what the death cause was. For a lot of diseases the symptoms can be similar and not diagnosable without an autopsy, Think of heart condition DCM or tumour or even hemangiosarcoma in heart! Many a vet has (mis)diagnosed PN as being Spondylosis and LP as asthma, Only a few neurologists worldwide are capable of distinguishing the difference between clinical symptoms of for example LEMP and LPN and diagnosing it by a muscle and nerve biopsy.
  • Publishing diseases and reasons of death can give the false assumption that some lines are unhealthier than others based on what owners and breeders have been prepared to make public.
  • More than once I heard a breeder say, my lines are healthy, my dogs reach old age, referring to and publicizing the age of dogs from their lines that reached a ripe old age, but keeping to themselves the ones that died early.
  • I have even heard owners say that they don’t want health issues made known of their dog because they want to remain on good terms with the breeder !! (And have heard similar experiences from owners/breeders in other countries).
  • People tend to consider something proven and true just because it is published online. (example Wikepedia).
So Why collect and store health data like diseases and d.o.d. in our program?
  • To assist scientific research into the causes and cures for genetic diseases and general health of our beloved Leonbergers.
    We share the entire database program with the researchers in Minnesota and Bern, They receive updates from us on regular basis and.they also know how and from whom we recieved the info including contact info.
  • For statistical purposes.