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Here we explain which information you can expect and where additional explanation is available.


Our start page for new visitors with our banner and logo.
Gives basic information about what you can expect from our website.


For regular users of our site this is the start page.
Here you will also find information about the last time we have updated the information and how many Leonbergers are present in our database.
Because this is the most visited page we also use it to communicate with our users such as changes on the site or other matters that we want to inform breeders about.

Using the search function.
Field to search

There are four possibilities.

  1. Name.
  2. Registration number (
  3. Date of birth (DOB).
  4. Chip number (chip number)

Search is not case sensitive.
For example: LEO gives the same result as leo.
At least 3 letters must be used, otherwise an error message will appear.
At the top of the result page you will immediately find the number of Leonbergers that have been found. If this list is too large, go back to the search page and enter more letters.
There is a possibility to use a wild card. This is the underscore _ instead of a letter. Replace multiple (uknown) letters by more underscores


Do not type any special characters, accents or “foreign” letters.
All names are spelled in plain letters from the standard 26 letter alphabet, this is done to avoid confusion and mistakes.
Some examples:
ẞ is written as ss.
Æ = AE
Ø = O
Å = A
Č = C
The translation of Cyrillic is not uniform which leads to confusion of how a name is spelled.
When available we follow the way a kennelclub has translated a name.
When you can’t find a dog try another part of the (Kennel) name.
Dogs without a kennelname as affix or prefix have their original registration number of their country of birth attached to their name, to distinguish them from dogs with exactly the same name.

Registration number (

Only use this if you know the complete number.
If you search on registration number type only the numbers, leave off the studbook abbreviation.

Date of birth (DOB)

This requires a fixed layout style. This means Year-Month-Day in digits: YYYY-MM-DD.
This notation was chosen because the dates are stored in this way.
Only year and month or even year alone is also possible but gives many results.

Chip nr.

At the request of researchers / veterinarians from the Netherlands we have added this possibility to quickly identify the identity of a leonberger.

Trial pedigree

One is free to make any combination. Nothing is stored.
On the page you will find an extensive instruction.
The restrictions have been made to keep the trial pedigree workable.
If you want to use frozen sperm from a male, born before the selection date, you can request the combination with us by mail to:


Under Health you will find articles and or short description about the published results in the pedigree and an explanation of the abbreviations.


Here you will find a detailed description of COI ( Coefficient of Inbreeding ) and how it is calculated.
In our software from Breedmate, the Pedx program, we can calculate and publish these for each dog.

Mean Kinship

We will give you a more detailed explanation of this section than any other topics.
It is a new subject for many of you that can lead to extensive discussion.


The Report has been prepared by Dr. ir. Pieter Oliehoek (PhD) based on the pedigree data of our database W.I.L.D. in the spring of 2018 funded by 9 leonberger clubs.
There was a login period to give access to the Pilot Mean Kinship data, for members of the participating clubs. On the basis of subsequent discussion, only textual adjustments were made and presented at the I.L.U. meeting.
After the I.L.U. meeting one textual adaptation was done by Dr. ir. Pieter Oliehoek . The report now published by us is the final version.
The report has been converted to the website format to enable direct translation by translation programs.
The final report can still be downloaded and printed as a PDF via the link report pdf download.knop.

Understanding the Basics.

A Powerpoint presentation held for all representatives present during the I.L.U. meeting 2018 with simultaneous presentation of the report "Mean Kinship and genetic history of the Leonberger".
This too has been converted from Powerpoint to the website format to make translation possible. It is also possible to print the original via the download button.


A list of questions posed during the trial period and presented to Pieter Oliehoek with his comments on this.
If you have a question about Mean Kinship please check this page first, to see if it has already there, if not, then do not hesitate to inform us.
All answers are submitted with Pieter Oliehoek and added to the FAQS.

MK Total List

An Exel file containing all Leonbergers who have a Mean Kinship result
You can download this file to work with. The total page is protected for changes but the country list is not.

Video Genetic Diversity

Dr Oliehoek presented the 2016 video commissioned by the International Leonberger Union called Safeguarding Genetic Diversity in the Leonberger

Test results

Either we have a copy of the official DNA test result or it has been published by a Leonberger club/kennel club/OFA

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